I was raised on action movies and slasher flicks, I was that kid in the street  recreating scenes from those movies, wondering how the hell you made the swooshing thrum of a lightsaber

I was always interested in Sound, in the age of the C90 cassette tape I was splicing it up to wind my sisters up by ruining their favorite Paul Young album, experimenting with little thought as to how or why I just wanted to create something new. This idea is the core of my thinking. Creating new and exciting sounds, fusing ideas together, but always with emotion, energy and child like wonder.

Eventually, University beckoned, opening up the world of Michel Chion, Karl Stockhausen and John Cage. Five years later and I have now completed my Ph.D. research with the University of Kent on the endless possibilities of manipulating audio in virtual environments. Of course, my true love is Audio for Video Games, and I hope to channel all my academic learnings into this field.

Conferences & Papers

BFE / RMA Research Students’ ConferenceUniversity of Sheffield, 10-12 January 2019

An interactive demonstration of MagnaWave one of four working platforms developed in UNITY, Fmod, and Wwise. Video-game editing tools designed for the commercial arena are ideal for composers, sound artists, and practitioners in the creation of interactive virtual environments and sound toys. These works which are part of a practice-based Ph.D. and have been used to create a composition portfolio with the aim of studying the role of the composer, the end-user and how play informs the process. The compositions generated thus far have been both open and fixed, dependent on the parameters set when developing the systems. Results have shown that the schema of interaction, the relationship between sound and imagery and the mode of feedback all contribute to the end result. These systems bring together elements of an instrument, a compositional tool and a way to explore and interact with precomposed material.

4th Oct 2016 Compose Your Future Excel London 

‘Sound in Play’, A lecture on Creating innovative ways to explore sound using video game technology.

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